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2020 Endorsements



"Dave Potter is an experienced leader in local government with impeccable problem-solving skills.  Whether it is in his role as Mayor, on the board of the Transportation Agency of Monterey County, or on the board of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, Dave's experience runs the gamut and I am proud to support him." 

Sam Farr

Former Congressman, CA-20

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"I’m supporting Dave Potter for

Carmel-by-the-Sea Mayor because he has a wealth of experience when it comes to local government, and is using that experience to lead us through these arduous times. I strongly support his re-election."

Barbara Livingston

Former Carmel-by-the-Sea Councilmember


"Dave always strives to do what is best for Carmel-by-the-Sea.  He always listens to the thoughts and ideas of our village before he makes a decision.  He wants to make sure our community and its residents are happy, so I ask you to join me in supporting Dave for his re-election." 


Ken White

Former Carmel-by-the-Sea Mayor


“Dave Potter has shown great leadership in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  When COVID-19 hit, he took immediate action in order to keep our village safe and our businesses and local economy alive in a time of unprecedented circumstances.”  


Denny LeVett

Merv Sutton.jpg

"Because of Dave's immense experience in local leadership, he has always been quick to act in order to keep the people of Carmel-by-the-Sea safe. Dave continues to improve our public safety and ensure fiscal responsibility in these unprecedented times.”


Merv Sutton


"I have always admired Dave Potter's work ethic and his dedication to the wellbeing of, not only Carmel-by-the-Sea, but all of the Monterey Peninsula.  Dave has accomplished a great deal for the city and has worked to protect the quality of life for our families.  I support Dave for Carmel-by-the-Sea Mayor."

Tonya Antle



Monterey Bay Action Committee - Candidates

Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Monterey County Association of Realtors

Monterey County Democratic Central Committee

Monterey County Weekly

Monterey/Santa Cruz Counties Building & Construction Trades Council

Unite HERE, Local 483

United Public Employees of California, Local 792


Sam Farr, Former Member of Congress, District 20

Bill Monning, California State Senate, District 17

Mark Stone, California State Assembly, District 29

Chuck Della Sala, Former Mayor of Monterey

Dan Albert, Sr., Former Mayor of Monterey

Sue McCloud, Former Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea

Charlotte Townsend, Former Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, 

              Carmel Area Wastewater District Board of Directors

Ken White, Former Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, 

              Carmel Area Wastewater District Board of Directors

Barbara Livingston, Former Carmel-by-the-Sea City Councilmember

Michael Cunningham, Former Carmel-by-the-Sea City Councilmember

Victoria Beach, Former Carmel-by-the-Sea City Councilmember

Jeanne Byrne, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, Area 4 

MaryAnn Leffel, Monterey Peninsula Airport District 

William Sabo, Monterey Peninsula Airport District 

Jonathan Price, Monterey County Superior Court Judge (ret.)


Tonya Antle 

Joanne Albert

Lynn and Tim Allen

Kathy and Gary Bang 

Dave and Donna Berger

Sarah Berling 

Kathy Benner 

Deby Bradshaw

Tom and Sally Brocato

Bill and Sarah Brown

Jim Bruno

Laura Bowling 

Brian Call

Chris Campbell

Robert Carver

Bart Christensen 

Mary Condry

Ira Comello 

George Couch 

Richard Cowperthwait

Dennis Davis

Chloe and Jay Dolata

Nancie and William Doolittle

Dick Ely 

Shary Farr

David Fink 

Jack and Dawn Galante

Kurt Grasing

Jody Hansen

Robin and Bob Harrell 

Carolyn and Robert Jenkins 

Eldred Johnston

Dr. Dana Kent 

Vinz Koller

Alec Leach

Denny and Jeanne LeVett 

Lucinda Lloyd

Michael Mason 

Camilla May 

Ruth McClendon

Susan and Gene McFarland

Kelly McMillin

Shirley and Wayne Moon

Theresa Nickells

Leonard O’Neil 

Jay Pack

Richard Peery

Judie Profeta

William Reichmuth

Christine Rue 

Tony Salameh 

Alan Samuels

Frederick Schuuchardt 

Tony Seton

Jill and Neil Sheffield 

John and Susie Stelnicki 

Mark Stilwell 

Merv Sutton

Chris Tescher 

Judy Tollner

Brian Turlington

John Turner 

Carla and Jeff White 

Judith and Jon Wolfe 

Jonnie Webb 


"I am proud to endorse Mayor Dave Potter for re-election. Dave has brought his years of experience in county government to the service of all residents of the City of Carmel. During these tough times, we need steady proven leadership at the helm. Please vote for Mayor Dave Potter for re-election."

Senator Bill Monning

17th Senate District


“The issues facing Carmel are larger than our 1.1 mile square town.  Dave's years of experience in  positions at the City, County (as  Supervisor) and State levels (his decade plus on the California Coastal Commission) will be invaluable as we work to meet the many challenges from extended closures  and resultant financial downturn brought about by the covid virus.” 

Sue McCloud

Former Carmel-by-the-Sea Mayor


“These are difficult and confusing times that we are all living in. Dave always remains level headed and rational, and continues to work tirelessly to accommodate the needs of the citizens and businesses of Carmel-by-the-Sea. His calm and thoughtful approach to governance, and his vast experience, make him the right person for the job.”


Jack Galante

jill 2014.jpg

“I’m supporting Dave Potter for Mayor because he handles every instance of crisis with integrity, respectfulness, and professionalism.  These are all characteristics I am looking for in a Mayor, and with his local government experience, I know that Carmel-by-the-Sea is in good hands.”


Jill Sheffield

randy tunnell.jpg

"I’m supporting Dave Potter for Mayor because he truly cares about this community and treats everyone with kindness and respect. I bump into Dave and Janine all over town and he really has his ears to the ground as to what our community wants and needs."


Randy Tunnell

Untitled design.png

"Dave Potter continues to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect and preserve the beauty and uniqueness of  Carmel. We need more people like  Dave in our leadership positions."

Tony Salameh

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